The Carers Way Ahead

Strategies to help families and carers manage challenging behaviour in their person with brain injury

The Carers Way Ahead is a free web-based psychoeducation program to help families and carers learn how to respond in positive and helpful ways to challenging behaviours that their person with a brain injury may engage in.

What does the program include?
This program includes seven modules that can help you to improve your understanding of and ability to respond to challenging behaviours. You will learn about the ABC approach and how to put this into practice. The ABC approach focuses on understanding the behaviours (B), what happens before they occur, or the antecedents (A) and what happens after the behaviours, or the consequences (C). Hence, the ABC model!

Each module takes around 20 minutes to complete. There are two educational modules, four modules that address specific challenging behaviours that your person with brain injury may be engaging in and, finally, a module to support your well-being.

Program modules:

1) Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – information about the impact of TBI on a person’s emotions, thinking and behaviour
2) The ABCs of behaviour – this is about the approach used to understand a person’s behaviour and how this can help guide how you can support them
3) Apathy – is about when a person is showing little interest or motivation and having difficulty getting going or finishing things off
4) Disinhibition – is about when a person appears to act without thinking or may appear impulsive
5) Social difficulties – is about difficulties interacting with others at home, with friends, in the community or in the workplace
6) Irritability/Aggression – is when the person appears to have difficulty controlling their temper, becomes frustrated easily or seems to react strongly
7) Self-care – is about ways to take care of yourself

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